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[Rose Loujiu]
Recipe: 350 grams of fresh roses, liquor, 1500 grams, 200 grams of crystal sugar.
Method: roses dipped in wine, at the same time into the rock sugar, dip more than a month, storage with porcelain altar or glass bottles, not heat.
Effects: Liver qi, and stomach pain.
Usage: 1 day, each 1 to 2 cup.

Hanning qi stagnation, spleen Deficiency, tincture particularly appropriate, commonly used as wine Wenpi, Ling spleen cinnamon wine; preparation for the disharmony of liver and commonly bergamot, roses and other gas line drugs, using alcohol to line the potential of its drug, such as the bergamot wine, rose wine; blood stasis, tincture can also be made ​​with the blood drug taking.
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